Friday, December 1, 2017

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Activity One

Kia Ora, Typing Minions.

Did you know that London is the Capital of the UK which is the United Kingdom.The Population of England is 53.1 million.The ethnicity mix for England is white,Asian,Black,Mix,Arab and others.There is one official language in England (English).There are 9 Public holidays in England.They call them 'Bank holidays' they do not Celebrate national birthdays in England.There are many National Sports in England.In the winter the temperature range from 0-10 degrees Celsius.In the summer the average temperature is between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Activity One

Kia Ora blogging world.

Did you know that there are 81.1 million people in Germany.There is one official language for Germany (German).German sports that are traditional are Football,Ice hockey,golf,basketball,Motorsports and many more.In summer the average temperature in Germany is 18-20 degrees Celsius, but in winter the average temperature is 0-5 degrees Celsius.The capital of Germany is Berlin.Germany has ten public holidays.The day of Germany unity is third of October each year.The ethnicity mix for Germany is German,European, and others.The Federal republic of Germany is in the western-central Europe.It includes Sixteen states.German national Icons are
  • German eagle
  • Black,Red,Gold (Flag)
  • Swastika
I chose this country because it is my Culture well I don't speak it but my Mums side.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Orienteering with Leon

Bonjour, my name is Viliami and welcome to the blogging Center.

Today we did an activity called orienteering. Orienteering is a kind of like a game to get you motivated and stuff like that. Orienteering is when you find stuff on maps like contour lines,steep hills, slight hills, and especially lines. It was fine until we had to do lots and lots and lots of running here and there there and here. The end was thee best because I was wandering around like I was lost kid in the forest.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dosirak Lunch

Anyeong haseyo Viliami eyo Bangowoyo, Hi my name is Vilami,

Yesterday on Wednesday was a Special day and also exciting because we had a Sensational Dosirak lunch.I couldn't resist it.I fell in love with the Seaweed, Rice balls, and Much more food.My favorite food was the chicken and the rice balls put it together it is like a food that has came from another planet.After that we went out to play outside but then... we got pulled back into class because of RUBBISH!The end

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Anyeong-Good bye

Friday, October 27, 2017

Kumusta, Blogging Minions

This week I have been using a range of language features to help make my writing more descriptive. Some language features we have been talking about are similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia.

This is one of my favorite sentences from my writing this week is The taste of sweat slipping and sliding down my face and entering my mouth.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Crazy world of science

Kia orana, my blogging minions.Its Viliami.

Yesterday in the hall my class Pohatu went to learn Science but..... CRAZY SCIENCE.At first when we got organized he did a few magic tricks and his name was Richard and the DJ Red.The best thing that happend was the bubble.He did big bubbles even fatter then me.The important thing you need is safety gear.

Here is a video of what me and my partner saw while the show.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017



Yesterday on Tuesday the whole entire senior class except for me VILIAMI did not go to the Zoo because I was late.So instead I stayed at school with a junior class.It was quite fun though because I did gymnastics with them and I played on Sound-trap while the others were doing some work and drawing pictures.At the end of the day they signed a big peice of paper for me and that was THEE best part of the day.